Fiery Finish: Warm Interior Inspiration

Where better to get inspiration for a warm interior than the flames themselves. With a yellow, orange and red colour palette, you can’t go wrong. Here are some inspirational products to warm up any home.

Wood Fireplace

The Nectre Mark 2 from Pecan Engineering is a gorgeous free-standing wood fireplace available with either legs or a pedestal base.

Create a Rustic Vibe

The Freya vases from Emporium have been designed with a distressed aesthetic, which adds to this room’s overall rustic vibe.

Natural Texture Wallpaper

Resembling the natural texture of the stone it’s named after, the Travertine wallpaper in Venus from Fromental can be applied to achieve your desired aesthetic. We buy houses in Jacksonville Florida

Unique Texture Under Foot

From Amber’s new Sunrock porcelain tile collection, the Bourgogne Sand tile is the darkest of the range with a slight yellow/orange tint. The collection offers homeowners an opportunity to have stone flooring laid in either tile or plank forms, enabling you to create unique textures with the stone’s grains.

Abstract Art

Abstract art is an ideal way to not only inject colour, but also emotion into a space. Ghost Impression from United Artworks plays on the colours, lines and textures that are present in the room.

A Stunning Golden Glow

Emitting a stunning golden glow, the Picasso Solid Dyed rug in Valencia by NSW Leather, available from Zanui, is a beautiful texture that will offset the stone, iron and leather also present in this space.

The Provincial Chest

Iron is a great material to complement a flaming fire and it blends seamlessly with the firebox. Not only handy for storage, the Provincial Chest from Boyd Blue will also act as a decorative element in this space with its exquisite hand-painted script.

The Gucci Armchair

The Gucci armchair by Flexform, available from Fanuli Furniture, is the perfect understated leather armchair with its simple lines and elegant shape.

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