– Asafe and efficient mixing of bitcoins

The concept of bitcoin mixingis the process of using third-party services to exclude any links between the address, from which the bitcoinswere sent and the address (or addresses), to which they were is such a service that allows you to mix your coins without being worried about your confidentiality. and the mixing process

Since Bitcoin’s blockchain is an open transaction book, mixing bitcoins is very critical for those who do not want the whole world to know where they’ve been sent their funds, where they store them or where they got their bitcoins from.

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Mixing bitcoinswith may seem difficult for those who are not too familiar with bitcoin technology, but in fact, it’s a very simple process that takes just a few minutes to send your money to each of your addresses.

What do you need to mix bitcoins?

To mix bitcoins safely and anonymously, you will need the following:

  • Bitcoins or the opportunity to buy them
  • Tor browser
  • The ability to create new wallets both through Tor and in the regular browser

Electrum purse, as well as any other wallet that works on the Tor network, is also suitable. To create all or some of the wallets, you can also use and their hidden Tor service.